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5 Night Beach Side Hotel Giveaway

All New Customers Will be Entered to Win!

All new customers will be entered to win a 5 night beach side hotel stay in Cancun Mexico courtesy of EcoNet Pest Control. Winner will be announced live on our FB live event on Aug. 31st

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360 Degree spherical protection

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360 Degree Spherical Protection

Complete protection top to bottom. 360 degrees all the way around. Inside and out. We have the highest quality service in south Houston


If at any point during your service you start seeing bugs... give us a call and we'll come service you for free!


We offer high quality economical options to get you the service you need at the price you deserve! Quit paying corporate pest control price and go local!


All of our products are eco-friendly meaning that they are safe for your family and pets! Get rid of those harmful chemicals the other companies use!

Service details

home Exterior

We begin by spraying 3 feet up on your foundation and 3 feet out all the way around your home creating a 6 foot barrier at the foundation of your home.

Peaks and Eves

We not only will sweep down all the spider webs and wasp nests off your peaks and eaves, we will then wash them with a repellent to prevent reoccurring issues.

Lawn and flower beds

We then granulate your yard and flower beds which creates a net within your lawn which prevents any burrowing insects from surfacing i.e. Ants, termites, earwigs, etc.

Home Interior

All of our treatments come with full interior treatments that you may choose to receive.

interior walls

During the winter months our standard treatment includes an interior wall treatment which places a repellent dust on the inside of your exterior walls to prevent any insects from penetrating.

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Our exceptional quality shows

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