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Pest COntrol Service Agreement

Standard Pests


I understand this agreement is for a minimum period of (24) twenty-four months and authorizes EcoNet Pest Control LLC (ENPC) to access and perform service at the above property. Upon completion of the agreement period, service will be continued until cancelled with a 30-day written notice. If the service is cancelled prior to the end of the agreement period, the client agrees to pay the remaining contract value plus reimburse promotional discounts applied.

In the case that the client is switching *om another company, ENPC will cover any cancellation fees assessed by previous company. Documentation of paid cancellation fees must be submitted to ENPC. The fees will be reimbursed as equal credits over a 24-month period. If client cancels prior to 24 month reimbursement period, there will be no residual value. Any promotional discount for initial service will be applied toward this reimbursement.


This service does not include the control or prevention of wood destroying pests such as termites · of other organisms, unless you have received the PEST PLUS TERMITE SERVICE. Upon completion of our termite inspection indicating no previous problems, you will receive EcoNet Pest Control's Home Protection Plan, in which ENPC will monitor your home for termites and will provide all termite

treatments for free if termites are ever found.


While the purpose of this agreement is to treat for pests, ENPC will not be liable for any claim of personal injury or loss / structural damage caused by pests or measures taken to eliminate them. ENPC is always willing to service both the interior and the exterior of the home. Due to the comprehensive nature of our service, most subsequent visits will only require an exterior treatment to prevent

pests from coming inside the home.


Service Details: Following the initial treatment. It ls common for clients to notice a temporary increase of insect activity. Our pest control service is specifically designed to disrupt normal insect activity, thus pest behavior may be temporarily more noticeable. This increase In activity may last 10-14 days depending on the

insect colony size. Regular treatments begin the month after your initial service.This is very important in order to break the life cycle of those pests in and around your home. Our regular services maintain a protective barrier preventing re-infestation in and around your home. Regular visits are essential to the success of any pest control program. These services are typically limited to the exterior of the

home as long as you haven't noticed insect activity on the interior if you have, we are always willing to service the interior of the home for free.


Service Guarantee: if between your regular scheduled treatments you need additional services, inside or outside, or if you are not satisfied, please call EcoNet Pest Control and we will service your home free of charge

Note: "Special Pest / Services" not included in service guarantee.

EcoNet pest control

Licensed and regulated by: Texas Department of Agriculture, TCPL#779257

P.O. Box 12847, Austin, TX 78711-2847,

Phone (866) 918-4481, Fax (888) 232-2567

Special Instuctions

02:30 PM

Special Pests / services

Treatment Schedule

service fees

Standard Initial Services - $199

Pest Plus Termite service

service fees


Upon completion of service, I authorize EcoNet Pest Control to charge the above card or provide full payment by check or cash. I have received one copy of the Consumer Information Sheet for all treatments to be provided as a part of this pest control service agreement. I may receive any updates to the Consumer Information Sheet which may occur. I have read and understand this service agreement.

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